Race for a healthy Africa: STAR Leadership Academy for Agriculture participate in the Econet 2019 Marathon

The Econet 2019 Victoria Falls marathon annual event that took place the 7th of 2019 had the STAR Agriculture students anxiously waiting as they had taken almost 7 months preparing for the race. They got an opportunity to share the track with thousands of people from across the world, in the race for a healthy Africa.

As physical development is one of our pillars at STAR Leadership Academy, the students participated also to demonstrate the attributes of a great, energetic leader.

“It was more than just a marathon race, it felt like a leadership battlefield,” uttered the exhausted STAR student who had finished the 21km race.

Despite the agonizing race, it was a worthwhile pain of success and experience, with the proud participants showcasing their athletic potential to the world. They broke a new ground in the history of the Academy by scooping more than 30 medals in the 21km, relay and 7,5km races, to set a challenge for the upcoming leaders.

At STAR Leadership Academy we believe that the body, mind and soul contribute to a leader’s drive hence we encourage our students to stay active in physical development activities, especially marathons, because they keep leaders robust and ready to tackle anything that comes their way with a positive attitude.

STAR Leadership Academy is a training ground for Zimbabwe’s rising leaders. We are raising Africa’s Future Leaders through Servant Leadership, Tenacity, Accountability & Responsibility.

Start Time

6:00 am

July 7, 2019

Finish Time

11:00 am

July 7, 2019

Event Participants

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