About STAR

The African continent is rich in culture, history and home to the world’s most precious resources. Yet, its most invaluable resource is its people. - Elizabeth Tanya Masiyiwa, Co-Founder & Director

We believe that Africa’s success is dependent on strong and inspired leaders. Solving our continent’s challenges calls for innovative thinking, dynamic and enterprising forms of leadership which creates real impact.

That’s where you come in.

The STAR Leadership Academy (SLA) is an intensive educational and experiential learning program aimed at academically gifted African students who exhibit strong leadership qualities.

Through our rich curriculum and extra-curricular activities, we want to help develop a generation of committed leaders who demonstrate:

  • Servant leadership
  • Tenacity
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility

Our Approach

The STAR Leadership Academy is a one-year program that provides students with leadership skills, challenges their identity and cultural awareness and builds a commitment to servant leadership and investing in their families, communities, nation and continent.

SLA aims to engage, develop, train, and inspire participants in preparation of taking personal and community-wide action to address issues facing the challenges that are unique to Africa. Understanding the importance of agriculture in development and the future of Africa, SLA will expose the young leaders to a deep understanding of agricultural practices and opportunities, while unlocking their entrepreneurial thinking to address the food security needs and opportunities in their society.

To develop the leadership program, the founding team defined the characteristics that distinguish an individual as a leader and analysed the level of investment needed to equip an academically gifted student with 21st century skills and be better prepared for the 4th Industrial Revolution which relies heavily on digital technologies to drive growth.

This has culminated in a one-year program that provides skills training and prepares the STAR leaders to competitively obtain scholarships at some of the world’s leading academic institutions. Split into two semester, students will participate in the STAR program which uses a uniquely designed curriculum. This curriculum is based on the six pillars that define The Academy’s values and objectives. It has been co-created with thought-leaders in each subject area and will invite guest lecturers to teach and shed light on critical social, political, business and agricultural issues throughout the academic year.

The Academy has a yearly cohort of 80 students from across Africa; including Burundi, Lesotho and Zimbabwe, selected through a rigorous, multi-stage process. Our intention is to create a well-rounded, active leader who is academically capable, physically fit and community focused. Our students develop a confidence gained from knowing their family heritage, roots, history, culture, nation and faith. Upon completion of the program, the STAR leader will be placed at IB or A Level institution and become STAR Scholar.

We envision that by the time they complete the program, each student will have a sense of pride in being African and in their ability to create transformation in their communities, nations and continent.

STAR Pillars

Servant Leadership

Students receive invaluable exposure to a leadership that teaches them      to put the needs of others before their own.

Community and Social Entrepreneurship

Students study how to develop projects that create social impact and address community needs.

Intellectual Development

Students gain exposure to critical 21st century skills that enable them to pioneer change in their communities.

Physical Development

Students learn how to take care of their bodies by taking part in different physical activities such as marathons during the course of the program.

Know the Land

Students become authentic stewards of the land by learning the value of our continent in the global context through trainings, field trips and practical excursions.

Christian Faith

Students gain a deeper understanding of our Christian faith; the currency that drives us and at the core of what we do, its application into our everyday life, communities and continent.