STAR Leadership Academy celebrating Africa Day

Taking BOLDA Moves towards the future of Africa

Article written by: Lillian Madombwe – STAR Leadership Academy for Agriculture student

STAR Leadership Academy organised an event for the students, staff and partners to celebrate Africa Day at the Chishawasha campus. We were all filled with the spirit of Ubuntuism, thrill, sensation and the feeling of being hundred percent African on the day.

The day was packed with activities that showcased our proud African culture. We enjoyed the Zimbabwean tailored traditional dances with African music from marimba (xylophone), ngoma(drum) and magavhu (leg rattles). The event had everyone dressed in African attire and the food buffet was entirely an African traditional delish of nyevhe, nhopi, sorghum sadza to enlighten the celebrations of the day. We also had the honor of having the Founder and Director of the BEAT Doctoral Academy, who brought a huge inspiration to the audience by sharing his realistic lifetime experiences, dated from the colonial era to the 25th of May 2019.

Awards were presented to various individuals that had participated in different disciplines on the day. Amongst the winners were the best dressed, outstanding STAR student and the best dancer. Mrs. Juru, the STAR Leadership Academy general manager, also gave a speech on behalf of the visionaries and patrons that encouraged the attendees to develop hope in African pride daily, despite the hardships we are facing.

The major highlight of the day was from Professor Rukuni, who challenged the leaders to venture into the 2050 vision and sustainable goal development, with the aim of improving the agriprenuership sector and community development through a comprehensive leadership, with an entrepreneurship mind-set. In his motivational speech remarks he emphasised that, “there is need to have the courage to rethink Africa afresh and strategically develop ourselves with the goal of investing in a cultural revolution that informs that African renaissance.”

Over the years Africa has encountered various challenges, however, it still has the capacity to rise against poverty and solve its social constraints through a shift in leadership frame of mind, a mandate to which STAR Leadership Academy is striving to achieve through its 21st century mentorship and training. Celebrating Africa on Africa day was just the tip of the iceberg that the Academy offers to future leaders.

STAR Leadership Academy is a training ground for Zimbabwe’s rising leaders. We are raising Africa’s Future Leaders through Servant Leadership, Tenacity, Accountability & Responsibility.

Start Time

9:00 am

May 25, 2019

Finish Time

3:00 pm

May 25, 2019

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