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Know The Land: Educational Trip

Since enrolling in the Star Leadership Academy (SLA), students have been agitated towards economic and social change. Know The Land is one of the pillars of Star Leadership Academy. Through field trips, students interact and empathise with communities, to step up and solve the challenges that they face. They are able to discover the various opportunities that lie in wait within communities.

On the night of 10 June 2019, the STAR students arrived at the Kigali International Airport in Rwanda and immediately put on their vision glasses. They were welcomed by a busy town where businesses were still open and commuter omnibuses were still making rounds, giving a full reflection of the great work ethic that Rwandans possess.

One of the key lessons learnt from the trip to Rwanda was Africa cannot continue to run away from technology but it has to move fast towards connecting its people. It is only when we are able to connect the people that we can move on to adopting ideas like self- driving cars. Without the necessary technological skills and infrastructure, we cannot make ourselves relevant in the world of robots. The session with the CEO of Liquid Telecom Rwanda, Mr Alexis Kabeja was a great insight into the world of technology and innovation. He was able to paint the vision of Rwanda vividly and show how ICT fits in to complete the puzzle. He also explained on how Liquid Telecoms had started and speedily spread all over Africa. In a different session with the local Curator of Global Shapers movement in Kigali, the STAR Leaders received insight on the importance of the youth in the development of Africa.

The Star Leaders visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial where they gained deeper knowledge on the Genocide that occurred in 1994. The pictures and the videos in the Genocide Memorial told a vivid, traumatic story that occurred twenty-five years ago, in a way that pained the hearts of the Leaders. They also illustrated how the people of Rwanda recovered from the harrowing period of darkness, moving into light.

The visit to the King’s Palace Museum in the Nyanza district made the Star Leaders realise that there is more to the history of Rwanda besides the genocide. Rwandese history is rich, including the ancient monarchical system and traditional events that took place in Rwanda.

The Imbuto Foundation hosted the Star Leaders in a session where they explained their values and aims on health, education, youth empowerment and mentorship, and support initiatives. Solid Africa also operates in the health sector where their main work is to provide food for patients in the hospitals.

The Star Leaders also toured the city, visiting the glorious Convention Centre, the Radisson Blu, the Amahoro Stadium, where they met the U16 National Basketball team, the Community Youth Centre and the Vision City. Green Hills Academy invited the group to their 2019 Graduation Ceremony where strong traditional values and the culture of Rwanda was displayed. Some Green Hills Academy graduates also gave detailed descriptions of the International Baccalaureate Diploma course which helped some of the STAR Leaders an understanding of what and how they are going to be studying in their next two years. Green Hills Academy was very hospitable providing wonderful accommodation, delicious meals and entertainment.

The trip to Rwanda was a priceless experience that the STAR Leaders will always cherish as they returned to the Zimbabwe they envision in 2050.

STAR Leadership Academy is a training ground for Zimbabwe’s rising leaders. We are raising Africa’s Future Leaders through Servant Leadership, Tenacity, Accountability & Responsibility.

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12:00 am

June 10, 2019

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12:00 am

June 19, 2019

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