Celebrating Workers’ Day

SLA at Gateway celebrates workers’ day with the Chishawasha campus constructors

Article written by Thembani Ngwenya – Student at STAR Leadership Academy At Gateway

Little do most people know about the International May Day! For most, it is just a day of rest, where employees do not go to work. It has begun to pose as a free day to most because of its representation as a public holiday in the annual calendar markings. Only a head count of people know what May Day (1 May) , is really all about,even the workers themselves are biased on it. The May Day holds a historical essence- the contrast struggle to gain an 8-hour working day, the severe and unbearable working conditions experienced by the working-class of the 19th Century era, until they decided to take a stand against all the sun just measures.Realizing this and being the game changers we, the Star Leadership students, decided not to just sit idle with our arms folded very close to our chests but rather take it upon ourselves to celebrate the importance of worker’s day.We decided to conduct “mini-interviews”, with the construction team at our Chishawasha campus, asking them about their thoughts on the day. Surely we got some eye opening conversation on what other people think about the May Day. Some see it as a day of rest for all the workers regardless of their occupations, some as a day off from work and some don’t even celebrate, let alone know about it. They shared some of the challenges they are facing and how the admin has helped in addressing those challenges.

In addition, we also helped them on work duties, as a way to get a peek into what their daily lives looked like and to be able to empathise with them as well. We also realised that nowadays there is a gender equality exercise in most institutes, for example where women are also allowed to handle tasks which are usually reserved for men. This showed how much we have evolved and revolved as a people, through embracing gender equality.

Later on, we dressed up as our aspiring occupations, some as doctors, some business people and some even as architects. This gave us an opportunity to reflect on the problems we want to solve in the society and how we would do it to build a desirable nation.

It was indeed a happy workers’ day!

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Start Time

12:00 am

May 1, 2019

Finish Time

11:00 pm

May 1, 2019

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